My profile is now listed on the Paleo Physicians Network. Living a healthy, natural lifestyle is something I feel really strongly about in my own personal life. As much as possible I eat only organic fruits and vegetables and free-range meats, eggs, and dairy. I don’t eat any breads or cereals, and maintain a 100% gluten-free diet. I go out of my way to get natural physical activity — walking, hiking, body-weight resistance training — because I feel much better when I do it.

In my work as a therapist, I typically incorporate some kind of appropriate lifestyle changes into psychotherapy. I also work with a lot of medical disorders, employing psychotherapy and hypnosis adjunctively to improve the symptoms of medical conditions, engage the body’s own natural healing processes, and stimulate behavioral change. The mind and the body are two parts of the same thing; they just cannot be separated. That’s why I’m excited to be listed in the Paleo Physician’s Network. Because I don’t only encourage a healthy lifestyle with patients I’m seeing for help with weight loss or diabetes. I encourage a healthy lifestyle for all my patients.